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Sounds of WBCN and The American Revolution
CLICK ON THE BUTTON IN THE LOWER LEFT OF SCREEN TO LISTEN! The Sounds of WBCN and The American Revolution features material from the early days of WBCN-FM, when the underground radio station, politics, and rock and roll changed radio - and the world. This audio stream includes the archives shared for the new, feature documentary film, "WBCN and The American Revolution," which have been restored, and preserved for future listeners. Hear the music, news reports, ads, rare live musical broadcasts, station ID's, interviews, zaniness, and more,, as broadcast from the station's launch in 1968 and over the next seven years. The film is a non-profit production of LCMedia Productions and Lichtenstein Creative Media in collaboration with UMass Amherst Special Collections and University Archives, Center for Independent Documentary; along with Airtime.Pro; Berkman Klein Center For Internet & Society; SoundExchange; WilmerHale; Morgan, Lewis & Bockius; and Mass Productions. Music consultant: Tony Wermuth. See more about the WBCN and The American Revolution documentary and archival project and support it with a tax-deductible non-profit donation now at:
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